Equipment Director

Equipment Director

Trevor Jacobs -

Break down of role-

  • Attend all SPFA Executive meetings.
  • Take direction from SPFA Executive.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of all minor.
  • Attend equipment shows and obtain current price lists on equipment.
  • Train Equipment Managers at each level.
  • Advise the Executive of all current and future equipment needs.
  • Submit an equipment budget for approval of the Executive.
  • Attend all equipment training seminars arranged by the Executive.
  • Organize equipment dispersal and fitting for all the team levels.
  • Organize equipment return for the end of season.
  • Inventory, clean and store all equipment so it is ready for the next season.
  • Train all Equipment Managers on the following aspects of equipment:
  • Proper fitting of equipment.
  • Repair of equipment.
  • Filling out and keeping an accurate record of player’s equipment lists.
  • Cleaning and storage of all equipment.
  • Organize dates for fittings of equipment and return of equipment.
  • Help Team Equipment Managers with the fitting and return of equipment at their team levels.
  • Advise executive of the schedule for all fittings and return of equipment.
  • Ensure that players and/or parents are not allowed in the equipment shed unless the equipment director, an equipment manager or an executive member is present.
  • Advise the Executive of equipment that requires repair or re-certification. Advise the Executive of the costs.
  • Advise Executive of any abuse of the equipment.
  • Work with the Registrar to support collection of the equipment deposit and volunteer deposit cheques at all levels and ensure the cheques are attached to the players signed equipment lists.
  • Make sure NO players receive equipment until their registrations are paid and a postdated cheque for equipment has been received. The Registrar must be consulted to confirm the status of registration and fees collection prior to issuing equipment to players.
  • Keep the Team Equipment Managers repair box stocked with the necessary parts and tools.
  • Supply and maintain inventory for team equipment manager’s first aid kits. Ensure kits are fully stocked as per checklist in advance of every game.
  • Maintain Equipment Shack, Score clock, Lights, Seacan and Players shack
  • Work with Facilities Coordinator and Facilities Committee on any and all needed repairs.
  • With direction from SPFA Executive, work to improve aspects of the Field/Facilities with the Facilities Coordinator and Facilities Committee.
  • Collect money and give receipts for girdles sold.


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